Office Coffee

If you crave cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, French vanilla, mochas, or a simple cup of fresh brewed goodness Deli-Snack has the options for you.

Deli-Snack recognizes the importance of coffee in our daily lives. Numerous studies have shown that high quality coffee in the workplace will help to increase productivity as it gives a boost to performance and employee morale. Whether you want to welcome a client into the office or provide employees with a pick-me-up, providing high quality coffee in the office is a choice that can help improve your business and work experience.

Deli-Snack offers a wide selection of name brand high quality coffee products as well as teas and hot chocolates.

A Deli-Snack representative will visit your office on a regular basis to refill, clean and maintain your machines. We will also provide the office with coffee supplies: milk, cream, sugar, cups, stir sticks, filters. Whether you're a small start up or a large multi-building corporation, Deli- Snack offers a large variety of high end equipment to meet your office coffee needs.

Coffee Options

Single Cup Brew

Our single cup brewers bring the coffee house experience to your employees without having to leave the office.

Single cup brews allow everyone to brew a cup of coffee to their unique tastes. Employees and guests can interact with our user-friendly machines to choose their favorite flavor/brew and strength.

We offer a wide variety of single brew coffee equipment choices including the pod and flavia systems.

Traditional Brew

Traditional coffee equipment includes pour over units and thermos systems which are a great way to keep up with large volumes of coffee usage whether in everyday use or for board meetings and corporate events.

Gourmet Coffee

From single cup to full pots we offer a wide selection of your favorite brands including:
Starbucks, Green Mountain, Keurig, Timothy's, Barista Prima and Lavazza.

Gourmet Coffee: espresso beans/ground (costa rica, brazilian, Colombian)


Whether you're looking for a simple Earl Grey or a spicy Vanilla Chai we offer all the brands/specialties you love including:
R.C.Bigelow, Tea, La Courtisane, 4 O'Clock, Tazo and Celestial.